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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Mysterious Lights of Panajachel......etc.

So a while back Camden noticed that some of the stars in the sky over Panajachel, upon closer scrutiny, appear to not actually be stars.  If you looked really closely you could see blue and red as well a yellow light.  We got out our second hand store binoculars and sure enough - definitely not your average star.  So Camden started tracking them across the sky.  Sometimes they are in a line of three. There are some with a larger one and smaller one beside them.  They move very slowly - so you can only notice if you are watching for a long period of time.  One night he saw one zig-zag more quikly down to the mountain.  We have had much conversation about this and can expect to find Camden, arms folded staring up at the night sky from our outside hallway each night. 

Two nights ago at trivia night a friend of ours who grew up here in Panajachel arrived very excited.  She and her family had just seen a UFO in the sky over one of the mountains.  It appeared large and saucer shaped over the mountain with lights that were red and yellow.  The lights Camden has seen appear further away.  We were thinking that maybe Camden was seeing satilites.  If what we have been seeing are saucer UFO's there are a lot of them.  Interesting.  I can't believe Camden missed the big show though.  Maybe if he keeps watching.......

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  1. Lol freaky. The Millers say Merry Christmas, Hello, and happy late birthday Mallory!!!! (: -Carlee